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Exam Appeals Process - Stage 2

The 2021 examination appeals process will not open until results day (A level 11 August 2021 and GCSE 13 August 2021).

If you have submitted, and received the outcome of a Stage 1: Internal Review of Marking, and would still like to appeal against the grade you have been awarded, you will need to apply for an Stage 2: Review of Marking. If you have any questions regarding the appeals process, please contact:

A Review of Marking will be conducted by the relevant examination board.

The Review of Marking will include:
- a check that all the pages were marked
- a check that all marks were counted
- a check that the result matches the marks on the paper
- a review of the paper/recording by a second examiner to identify genuine marking errors or unreasonable marking
- a check to ensure all the marks are counted

There is a charge for this service. If you would like to request this Stage 2 service, please complete the form below:

 Exam BoardSubject
The cost of the service is listed below (I understand the cost is per subject):
Please tick:*