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Parent Information Evening (Y11 & Y13)
Awarding Grades Summer 2021

Please see the video below from the recent Parent Information Evening about the awarding of this year's grades for Yr11 and Yr13, including Yr12 GCSE Resits. You can also view the slides  here.

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Thursday 18 March 2021

Summer 2021 examinations update

As a result of the disruption to the education of students caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, the government considers that exams cannot be held in summer 2021 in a way which is, and which is perceived to be, fair.

In reaching this decision the government acknowledged that many schools are providing high-quality remote learning but there will be an impact on the coverage of the curriculum and students’ exam preparation. This impact will vary between regions, schools within a region and students.

On 15 January Ofqual and the Department for Education (DfE) published a joint consultation seeking views on how grades should instead be awarded. The consultation closed on 29 January. A full summary and analysis of the responses has been published Consultation Results Summer 2021. This document reflects Ofqual’s decisions following the consultation and in light of the Secretary of State’s direction to us, as the regulator of qualifications, examinations and assessments in England.

Below is an infographic to show you an overview of the process.

Updated March 2021 –

Summer 2020 examination certificate update

Under normal circumstances, students would have received their GCSE and A level examination certificates during our Presentation Evenings in the autumn term, where we would have the opportunity to celebrate the success and hard work that thy have put into their time at Little Heath School, and the results they have achieved. Unfortunately, due to the Covid restrictions, we have been unable to proceed with these events. 

We were hoping to be able to distribute the certificates to students this January, but again, this has not been possible as we were placed into another lockdown. I hope you understand that we are unable to post these valuable documents home as we need proof of collection by the students.

As soon as we are able to, and within Government guidelines, we will contact you with arrangements for students or a nominated representative to collect their certificates.

We apologise for this delay and appreciate how frustrating it must be for our students. If you have any queries, please contact Mrs Studley, Examinations Officer, on

A Levels - Summer 2020

It is with great delight that we celebrate the hard work, resilience and positive attitude of the class of 2020 who have achieved so much under such difficult circumstances. The students in this year group have been a real joy to work with for the past two years. They have approached everything they have done inside and outside the classroom - their academic studies and extra-curricular activities -   with great energy and enthusiasm. They have made a massive impact on the life of the school as a whole. It has been a pleasure to watch them grow into intelligent, confident young people who can cope with anything – even a pandemic in the last few months of their A Level courses. We are proud of them all and will, of course, miss them hugely but look forward to hearing about their future successes in the world beyond Little Heath.

We wish them every success in the future. All the students in the class of 2020 deserve praise for their achievements, however the following deserve special mention in the summer of 2020.

We wish them every success in the future.

All the students in the class of 2020 deserve praise for their achievements. However, the following deserve special mention in the summer of 2020.

Student A Level Results
Max A* A*A* A*- Max also received a merit in his AEA maths paper, which is the first time a Merit has been achieved for this paper at Little Heath School
Thomas A* A* A* A*
Alicia A* A* A  A
Craig A* A  A  A A
Katie A* A A A
Jack A A A A
Susie A* A B B
Tegan A* A* A*
Lizzie A* A*A and A* in AS EPQ
Sabine A* A* A* and A in AS EPQ
Duncan A* A A and A in AS EPQ
Sonad A* A* B
Hubert A* A  A
Bethany A  A  A
Lucy A  A  A
Safaa A* A B
Elliot A* A B

A* A B and an A in AS EPQ


GCSE Results - Summer 2020

Headteacher David Ramsden said: “I am delighted that students from the Class of 2020 have achieved the success that they so richly deserve. Right from the start, when they joined the school in Year 7, five years ago, they have been a hard-working and determined year group. In Year 11, they put all their energies into preparing for their end of year examinations, which was sadly cut short by the closure of school at the end of March.  As a Year group they have showed tenacity and a determination to achieve their very best, under uniquely difficult circumstances this summer, and the results today have demonstrated what a talented group they are.”

Key personal achievements

There are several students who deserve a special mention for achieving outstanding results. Their individual achievements are outlined below:

Student GCSE Results
Freya Ten Grade 9s
Emily Nine Grade 9s, Two Grade 8s
Joshua Seven Grade 9s, Three Grade 8s, One Grade 7
Sarah Seven Grade 9s, Four Grade 8s
Alex Seven Grade 9s, Two Grade 8s, One Grade 7, One Grade 5
Olivia Six Grade 9s, Four Grade 8s, One Grade 7
Lily Five Grade 9s, Four Grade 8s, Two Grade 7s
Louie Five Grade 9s, Two Grade 8s, Two Grade 7s, One Grade 5

Students who made significant progress from their Key Stage 2 starting points include:

  • Christina – 2 Grade 7s, 5 Grade 6s, 5 Grade 5s, a Grade 4 and a Merit
  • Fraser  - 1 Grade 7, 3 Grade 6s, 3 Grade 5s and 3 Grade 4s
  • Sophia - 8 good passes including a Grade 8 in Art & Design
  • Anissa - 9 good passes including a Grade 8 in French
  • Charlotte - 7 good passes including a Grade 6 in Art & Design
  • Suhayla - 6 good passes
  • Amy - 5 good passes including a 6 in Art & Design
  • Jenson – 5 good passes


Summer 2019 results

Progress 8 -0.16
Attainment 8 50.1%
EBACC Average Point Score 4.3
Attainment in English and Maths - % achieving grade 5 or above





Progress -0.06
Attainment 29.16
Eng & Maths Progress Supp (cohort is less than 5 so not available due to data protection)
Retention 84.8%
KS5 - Destinations  
Higher Apprenticeships 8%
University 43%
Employment 37%
Other 12%


Little Heath School - GOV.UK - Find and compare schools in England (

For additional detail on the 2019 results, please refer to the attachment below.