African Adventure Summer 2018

A group of Year 11 and 12 adventurers went on the trip of a lifetime to Africa this summer!  

They went on safari in Chobe National Park, Botswana; built houses in the village of Sooka, Namibia following a trek from Mwandi; cruised down the Okavango Delta in traditional mokoros, and some even tried ‘poling’ themselves! They treked around Kubu island salt plain; helped with important conservation work at the Khama Rhino Sanctuary in Botswana and even educated some of the local school children about the important work carried out there. They spent 3 nights in the Namib Desert, where they climbed the Big Daddy sand dune (320m high), got some awesome views and a fun run down. And finally they enjoyed our final meal in Windhoek - a delicious spread where most of the team enjoyed Zebra steaks, crocodile, springbok or kudu meat. What an amazing 4 weeks!

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