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Behaviour for Learning

Every student has the right to learn in a positive learning environment where they are encouraged, supported and stretched to do their best. This means that at Little Heath School we have high expectations for attitudes to learning, progress and behaviour. We have developed the ‘LHS Behaviour for Learning Strategy’; we explicitly teach the behaviour we want to see in our school and community, providing a learning environment that is stimulating and challenging, whilst being safe and caring. We also want to support students to take responsibility and ownership of their learning and of their behaviour.

All staff use 'Ready to Learn' language to ensure consistency across the school and students are aware that positive behaviour for learning is expected in every classroom. 

For more information on our Behaviour policy, please visit our Policies page.

Home School Agreement

We firmly believe that the success of our students depends on an effective partnership of our staff, students and parents. All three parties share responsibility for the development and achievement of each pupil. To this end we ask all staff, students and parents to ‘sign’ up to the agreement to work together. For details of the Home School Agreement, click here.


We are always working hard to increase our expectations around high standards of behaviour from students at our school. We feel it is important to be clear with our behaviour policy for the benefit of everyone at the school - staff, families and students alike.

Respect for staff from students:

Students who are rude or try to argue with a member of staff will be issued with a 60-minute Same Day Sanction (SDS). Our mantra for students is to ‘Do what you are told, when you are told to do it’. We will always provide an opportunity for students to ask questions and understand why decisions are made, but this typically needs to wait until after the lesson, and always in a polite and respectful manner.


Parents and carers will be notified of any detentions set via the SatchelOne app. Detentions are not negotiable. They cannot be moved except in exceptional circumstances, and they must be attended. 

  • Non-attendance to a 60-minute Same Day Sanction (after school central detention) will result in the issuing of a 90-minute SLT detention on the next available school day.
  • Non-attendance to the SLT detention - the following day the student will be removed from circulation at lunchtime, with another 90-minute detention that same evening.
  • Non-attendance to a second SLT detention will lead to the student being suspended from school the following day, with a reintegration meeting with parents upon return to school.

We understand that, in very rare circumstances, a family may request to change the date of a detention, but these must be for exceptional circumstances, equivalent to missing time from school.  Detentions that are requested to be moved because they inconvenience the child or parent/carer will not be agreed. Equally, detentions will not ordinarily be moved to accommodate extra-curricular clubs or activities, social engagements or events, birthdays. 

In order to make this process as smooth as possible, we have introduced a new system for requesting a change to detention times. The only way to request a change is by completing this form, which must be formally requested by 1pm on the day of the detention. Staff will no longer be able to change the date of a detention unless this form has first been completed.

Respect for staff from parents and carers:

As per our home-school agreement, we value regular communication with parents. It is important that we treat all members of the school community with respect, setting a good example with speech and behaviour. We will not tolerate any threatening, offensive or aggressive language or behaviour, in any format. 

We would also like to remind parents that school staff may not be able to respond immediately to an email or phone call. A reasonable expectation for a response is 48 hours.

Mobile phones:

Mobile phones are to be switched off and placed in students' bags before students walk onto site each day. Mobile phones that are seen by a member of staff on site will be confiscated and only returned to a parent/carer at the end of the school day.

Punctuality to lessons:

Being truant or late to a lesson, negatively impact the learning and progress of the student who is late or truanting, and disrupts lessons for the students who are on time and engaging with their learning. Students must be in lessons or where they are expected to be. If they are not, this becomes a significant safeguarding risk.

  • Students late more than three times in a week = warning letter to parents.
  • Students late more than three times in a second week = 60-minute SDS.
  • Students late more than three times in a third week = 90-minute SLT detention.
  • Students late more than three times in a fourth week = day in Behaviour Hub and a parental meeting.

Read more about attendance and punctuality here.


Students not in correct uniform, without a valid note from home, will be issued with an SDS.

Please remember that hoodies are not allowed. Students should wear an outdoor coat, which must be taken off when in lessons. Students can wear a school jumper to keep warm, and are welcome to wear extra layers underneath their uniform (non-visible) if required.

For information on the school uniform, click here.


We use the SatchelOne app for the student's timetable, homework, PPE timetables, house points, behaviour points, and detention information. Please continue to check your child’s SatchelOne account daily and ensure you have your notifications switched on.

Behaviour Diamond

Below is the framework used by all staff to encourage positive behaviour for learning: