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It is with great delight that we celebrate the hard work, resilience and positive attitude of the class of 2020 who have achieved so much under such difficult circumstances. The students in this year group have been a real joy to work with for the past two years. They have approached everything they have done inside and outside the classroom - their academic studies and extra-curricular activities -   with great energy and enthusiasm. They have made a massive impact on the life of the school as a whole. It has been a pleasure to watch them grow into intelligent, confident young people who can cope with anything – even a pandemic in the last few months of their A Level courses. We are proud of them all and will, of course, miss them hugely but look forward to hearing about their future successes in the world beyond Little Heath.

We wish them every success in the future. All the students in the class of 2020 deserve praise for their achievements, however the following deserve special mention in the summer of 2020.

Max Dykes                          A*, A*, A* A*- Max also received a merit in his AEA maths paper, which is the first time a Merit has been achieved for this paper at Little Heath

Thomas Arthur                  A*, A*, A* A*

Alicia Kiarie                         A*A*, A A

Craig Moran                       A*, A A A A

Katie Pamment                 A*, A, A A

Jack Shaw                            A, A, A A

Susie Cooke                       A,* A, B B

Tegan Cooke                      A*, A* A*

Lizzie Coutts                       A*, A*A and A* in AS EPQ

Sabine Karlsen                  A* A* A* and A in AS EPQ

Duncan Pritchard             A*, A A and A in AS EPQ

Sonad Gurung                   A*, A* B

Hubert Pasternak            A*, A  A

Bethany Collyer                A, A A

Lucy Turner                        A, A A

Safaa Abada                       A*, A B

Elliot Mansfield                 A*, A B

Rebecca Hearn Phillips   A*, A B and an A in AS EPQ






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