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Sporting Activities

The Physical Education department at Little Heath School has a huge variety of sporting activities and events taking place all year round.

As well as PE lessons, you can take part in the extra curricular activities at lunch time and after school. For a list of the extra curricular activities, please click here.

We also have a number of outdoor table tennis tables for use at break and lunch times. Bats (£2.50) and balls (15p) are available from Resources.

In the spring and summer, tennis is available at lunch time on the courts. Football is available the rest of the year (a different year group each day) on the all weather pitch.

The PE department organise a variety of interhouse sporting events across the year which comes to a conclusion on Sports Day.


The PE department runs a number of teams in local, county and national cups and leagues. 

We are always very impressed by the commitment and effort shown by our students when they are involved in extra curricular sporting events and fixtures, and also appreciate the wider support given their families.

Whilst we appreciate there will always be a desire to support your child at after-school fixtures and events, we are unable to accommodate any spectators on our school site. This includes our Sports Field at the Turnhams Farm Recreation fields, on Little Heath Road. This also applies to the parents/carers of our visiting opponents.

Importance of Sport in Schools