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Examination Information

Please refer to the tabs below for the latest examination information:

Examination Periods

Exam periods 2023/24

Exam Date
*CAT Tests 19, 20 & 21 September 2023
*Senior Maths Challenge 3 October 2023
*Intervention Assessments 3, 4-5 October 2023

Year 11 PPEs

Timetable can be downloaded here

16 October – 3 November 2023
*Uni Admission Assessments

18, 19, 20 October 2023

Year 13 PPEs

Timetable can be downloaded here

6 – 17 November 2023
*November Exams 7, 8, 9, 10, 13 November 2023
*Health & Fitness Exam 15 November 2023
*January Exams 10-19 January 2024
*Intermediate Maths Challenge 31 January 2024
Year 13 PPEs 5 – 23 February 2024
Year 11 PPEs 19 February – 1 March 2024
*Junior Maths Challenge 25 April 2024
*Language Orals 24, 25 & 26 April 2024
*Art Examinations

GCSE: 1 & 2 May 2024

GCE: 7, 8 & 9 May 2024

*Textile Practical Examinations

GCSE: 26, 29 & 30 April 2024

GCE: 25 April, 1, 2, 3 May 2024

*Summer Examinations 9 May – 21 June 2024
Year 12 PPEs 13 - 24 May 2024
Year 10 PPEs 20 – 21 June 2024
* Summer Contingency Day 26 June 2024



* External Examinations: Whilst these dates are currently confirmed for next academic year, there may be changes which happen which are out of our control.

If you have any questions, please contact

Important Exam Information 2023-24

Useful JCQ information documents for students:

General examination information for students:

  • As part of the examination process, students will be informed of their moderated internal practical/coursework mark.  Students must sign to say that they are aware of how these marks have been awarded and to authenticate that the work submitted is their own. 
  • Students should be at their exam venue 15 minutes before the published start time of their exam. 
  • Ensure students know what equipment they need for each exam, e.g. a calculator for those examinations requiring one.  For EVERY exam, you must bring the following items (in a clear, un-coloured, pencil case):
    • BLACK pens
    • pencils
    • eraser
    • ruler (with millimetres)
    • sharpener (one that catches the shavings)
  • All students must be aware that mobile phones, watches, smart watches, Ipods, glasses cases, calculator lids and mathematical tins are not permitted in the examination venue, these are to be left in students’ bags in Art where they will be locked in a secure room. IF a student has a PHONE or a WATCH in the Examination venue then they are putting themselves at risk of getting a ZERO score for that Exam Paper / a U grade for all Subjects from that Exam Board. Mobile phones, smart watches, watches and iPods must be left in students’ bags which are kept in a secure room in our Art Block. The examination boards are very strict. Little Heath School cannot take responsibility for any phones, fitbits, smart watches, watches or Ipods that are lost, stolen or damaged. 

Want to know what happens to your exam paper once it has been received by the exam board?
Take a look at this video from OCR.

Exam Checklist

  • Aim to be outside your examination venue AT LEAST 15 minutes prior to an examination. It is much better to leave yourself a safety margin on timings in case of problems with the journey.
  • When taking examinations, bags should be left in the appropriate crate for the venue and row you are sitting in. All coats, hats, scarves etc. should be removed and left with your bag, when you do your bag-drop.
  • Phones & Watches – students must not have mobiles phones in their possession (either on or off). They MUST be left in your bag. This is very important – if you are caught with a phone, there is a good chance that your examination paper will be cancelled. Students should not wear any type of watch.
  • You should bring black pens, pencil, rubber and any other writing equipment needed for your examinations. Only clear uncoloured pencil cases are allowed on your desk, any others should be left in your bag. Do not use gel pens – this is because many of the examination papers are now scanned and sent electronically for marking – gel pens do not scan well. You must bring a calculator to those examinations that require one. Always write in pen!
  • There must be NO writing on hands/arms etc. at all. You will be asked to wash this off before you enter the examination venue. If you are found to have writing on your hands/arms etc. this will be considered as malpractice and you will be reported to the examination board.
  • In an examination where you have the use of a calculator, you should not have a calculator cover/lid on your desk, please leave this in your bag. All calculators must have information cleared from the memory before the examination.
  • There is absolutely NO talking or communication between students once you enter the examination hall. If you have any questions, you should raise your hand once seated and an invigilator will come to you.
  • Year 11 - School Uniform MUST be worn for ALL examinations. Please check here for a list of acceptable school uniform.
  • No food is allowed in the examination hall (if you have a special requirement – please see Mrs Strudley, Examinations Officer, BEFORE the examination)
  • Water only bottles are allowed in the examination venues, if necessary. These should be clear bottles with a spill-proof cap. There should be NO label on the bottle and it must contain only water – no juice etc.
  • Remember to go to the toilet before the examination. Unless there are exceptional circumstances, you will not be allowed to go to the toilet during:
    • the first 30 minutes of the start of the examination
    • the last 30 minutes at the end of the examination
  • You must not doodle, use bad language or write anything derogatory about a teacher or an examination board on your examination paper. You could be disqualified and score a zero/U for that paper or subject.
  • Year 12 & Year 13 ONLY Please dress sensibly for the examination. The temperature in the examination room can fluctuate enormously during May/June. Please do not wear hoodies, hats or any head coverings unless it is for religious purposes. Remember to leave your lanyards in your school bag or coat pocket when you do bag-drop.

AI Use in Assessments

Using Social Media

Exam Venue Layout

Summer 2024 Results Days

A level (GCE) Results - Thursday 15 August 2024

GCSE Results - Thursday 22 August 2024

Sixth Form enrolment begins in Sixth Form on 22 August 2024.

What if I can't collect my results in person?

If you need to nominate someone to collect your results on your behalf, please email, from your Little Heath School email address, with the details of the person who will be collecting them. Please email us with us much notice as possible, as we are not able to deal with requests sent on Results Day. The nominated person must bring identification with them in order to collect the results on Results Day.

Those results not collected in person, or by the nominated person, will be posted home.

Results Day

Post Results Services 2024

The information regarding Post Results Services for 2024 will be available soon.

Following Results Day - Advice for what happens next

National Careers Service

The National Careers Service have a helpline for support - 0800 100 900. Professionally qualified careers advisers will be available to help both young people and those supporting them with advice on their next steps. 

Youth Employment UK

The Youth Employment UK Results Day advice for 2024 will help you feel prepped, ready and positive for what comes next after exams. Visit their website here or you can call their helpline on 0808 100 900.

A Parents Tool Kit for Careers Conversations 

When it comes to education and careers, parents, carers, and guardians are the biggest influence in young people’s lives.  Talking futures is a resource created to help you have informed and constructive conversations with your child about the different training and education pathways available to them.

Examination Boards

​           ​            


Examination Results

Summer 2023 results

Attainment 8 46.28
EBACC Average Point Score 3.92
EBACC % entered 25.0%
Attainment in English and Maths - % achieving grade 5 or above 46.9%
Attainment in English and Maths - % achieving grade 4 or above 66.0%
Attainment  A*- A 16.6%
  A*- B 46.1%
  A*- C 73.8%
  A*- D 91.8%
  A*- E 97.7%
Retention 73%
KS5 - Destinations  
Apprenticeships 9.1%
University 57.8%
Employment 19.2%
Gap Year 14%

For more information on the results from Summer 2023, click here.

Performance tables on available on the government's school and college performance website. Our School Performance Data can be found here

Summer 2022 results

Progress 8 -0.16
Attainment 8 49.71
EBACC Average Point Score 4.27
EBACC % entered 23.5%
Attainment in English and Maths - % achieving grade 5 or above 52.4%
Attainment  A*- A 23%
  A*- B 50%
  A*- C 69%
  A*- E 98%
Retention 83%
KS5 - Destinations  
Apprenticeships 12
University 102
Employment 16
Other 33

For more information on the results from Summer 2022, click here.

Results Day 2022

Performance tables on available on the government's school and college performance website. Our School Performance Data can be found here

Given the uneven impact of the pandemic on school and college performance data, the government has said you should not make direct comparisons between the performance data for one school or college and another, or to data from previous years.

Summer 2019 results

Progress 8 -0.16
Attainment 8 50.1%
EBACC Average Point Score 4.3
Attainment in English and Maths - % achieving grade 5 or above 51%
Progress -0.06
Attainment 29.16
English & Maths Progress Supp (cohort is less than 5 so
not available due to data protection)
Retention 84.8%
KS5 - Destinations  
Higher Apprenticeships 8%
University 43%
Employment 37%
Other 12%

For additional detail on the 2019 results, please refer to the document below: 

LHS KS4 results 2019 - updated January 2021

Further information about our examination results can be found here.    


Certificates for Summer 2024

Students will be contacted with information on collecting their certificates for Summer 2024 in the Autumn term. 

Certificates from Summer 2019-2023

If you are an ex Y11 or Y13 student, looking to collect your exam certificates from summer 2019-2023, please ensure you email 24hrs before you would like to collect, so we can have them ready for you.

Summer 2019 certificates

Students who sat their examinations in summer 2019 will need to collect their certificates by 31 December 2024. After this time they will need to contact the exam boards to request copies of certificates, which will cost £50.50* per certificate. Please email to arrange a time to collect them from the Exams Office. 
*price may be subject to change

It is very important to collect your certificates and look after them carefully, as you will need them in the future and replacements are very expensive and difficult to obtain. Little Heath School is not obliged to retain certificates after a year and unclaimed certificates may be destroyed or returned to the exam board.


Information about our curriculum can be found here.

Examinations Policy

The Examinations policies are available upon request. Please email