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Key Stage Contacts & Tutors

Please see below for a list of Heads of Year and Tutors for each Key Stage:

Year Name Position Email address
YEAR 7 & 8 Ms Button

Deputy Head KS3

Designated Safeguarding Lead (whole school)

Leader of Inclusion (whole school)
YEAR 7 & 8 Mrs Rayner Assistant Head KS3
YEAR 7 Mrs Parsons Head of Year 7
YEAR 8 Mrs Tidbury Head of Year 8
YEAR 9, 10 & 11 Mr Coulson Deputy Head KS4
YEAR 9, 10 & 11 Mr Rayner Assistant Head KS4
YEAR 9, 10 & 11 Mrs Whitford Assistant Head KS4
YEAR 9 Ms Kennedy Head of Year 9
YEAR 10 Mrs Jessop Head of Year 10
YEAR 11 Mr Davies Head of Year 11
YEAR 12 & 13 Mrs Chaventré Deputy Head KS5
YEAR 12 & 13 Mr Jessop Head of Sixth Form
ALL Mr Linz Student Wellbeing Lead


Key Stage 3 Tutors

YEAR 7  
7-TFU Mr Fuller
7-NMU Miss Murphy
7-HHA Miss Hawthorne
7-JAN Mr Andrews
7-JHE Mr Herring
7-BGU Ms Gunbie
7-SFO Mrs Foot
7-CHA Ms Hames
7-DJA Mr John
7-TJA Mr James
YEAR 8  
8-JKI Dr Kissick
8-JKI Mr Harwood
8-LHE Mrs Card
8-ABU Miss Burrows
8-ABU Mrs Rodrigues-Eldred
8-AHO Mrs Holmes
8-AHO Ms Taraszova
8-EWO Mrs Wooldridge
8-EWO Mr Ellis
8-EJU Ms Judd
8-OAN Mrs Andronic
8-TBE Miss Bell
8-RWI Ms Wilks
8-RWI Mrs Bee
8-ORO Ms Rowen

Key Stage 4 Tutors

YEAR 9    
9-LCL Mrs Clark`
9-LCL Ms Woodward
9-RYI Mr Yiannapas
9-JME Ms Meader
9-NVI Mr Virgo
9-IMU Mr Mullinger
9-KKU Mrs Kukkuk
9-CMU Ms Mullet
9-CMU Ms Tyson
9-JLA Ms Lawler
9-RWA Mr Walkem
9-AME Mr Melatos
YEAR 10    
10-EPA Mrs Park
10-GMY Mr May
10-RBG Ms Berg
10-KCA Mrs O'Callaghan
10-EJA Ms Jackson
10-SHY Mrs Horley
10-PHU Mrs Hutchinson
10-PHU Mrs Smith
10-THA Mrs Hand
10-THA Mrs Brown
10-SBO Mr Bond
10-SJO Mrs Jones
YEAR 11    
11-ASH Mrs Shaw
11-NHA Miss Hancock
11-LHO Miss Hodder
11-CSM Mr Smith
11-TLU Miss Lund
11-RGL Mr Glancy
11-FVA Ms Apsey
11-THO Mr Howlett
11-KEL Miss Elsdon
11-JED Mr Eden


Key Stage 5 Tutors

YEAR 12    
12-WDA Mr Danbury
12-PCA Mrs Canning
12-MHA Mr Hanham
12-TMA Mr Martin
12-TMA Mrs Bailey
12-VMA Miss Masih

Mrs Byrne
12-JBY Ms Andrews
12-JHA Mrs Hastings
12-JHA Ms Kumagai
12-SKE Mrs Kendall
12-SKE Mrs Hammond
12-LKE Mrs Kemp
12-LKE Mrs Bailey (Mon + Tues)
YEAR 13    
13-MNE Mr New
13-RVI Mr Viner
13-TSC Mr Scammell
13-CTA Mr Taylor
13-KJA Mrs James

Mrs Fisher
13-TOX Mrs Oxner
13-LCH Mr Chan
13-LRO Mrs Rowland