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We were inspected by Ofsted in November 2023. The inspection was an 'ungraded' inspection, meaning the aim was to confirm if we remained as a 'good' provider.

The inspection was a positive experience for the school and we are delighted with the outcome that we continue to be a 'good' school. 

Ofsted Good Provider

Quality of Teaching and Learning

The inspectors complimented us on the quality of education at the school, about our curriculum, and the standards of teaching and learning.

One of the most pleasing things about the inspection is that the team agreed with our own evaluation of the quality of education at Little Heath. They looked closely at many aspects of our curriculum over the two days of the inspection, and found that our own internal judgements were correct.

They were impressed that senior leaders, subject leaders, classroom teachers, members of support staff and, crucially, students all said the same sorts of things about our curriculum and standards of teaching and learning. Even in areas where we are not yet fully satisfied with the quality of provision (for example, with reading across the curriculum, which has improved hugely, but where there is still work to do with closing gaps for students affected by lockdown, especially for reluctant readers), the inspectors found that we had already identified the problem, and had plans in place to fix it.

"Teachers regularly check what knowledge and skills pupils know. They adapt their lessons to maximise learning."

"The school prioritises ensuring that all pupils have the reading skills they need. Staff have had training to help pupils who are not yet confident readers. Small group sessions help these pupils to become more fluent, which in turn help's them to learn well across the school's curriculum"

Student Success

We were delighted that they commented on how ambitious we are for every student, wanting them all to succeed, which is something at the heart of our ethos as a school.

The Ofsted report letter rightly places students at the heart of the judgements that were made during those two days of inspection. It really is an outcome for the students as much as for staff at the school. Students should be proud of what they achieve daily at Little Heath. That was very much reflected in the findings of the inspection. Students were brilliant ambassadors for the school over the two days, and a real credit to themselves and their families. Inspectors spoke warmly to us about their interactions with lots of students, inside and outside the classroom. 

"Pupils enjoy their time and their learning at this school. They feel safe, cared for, and welcomed."

"The school is ambitious for all pupils. Within each subject, the curriculum precisely identifies what pupils need to learn."

"They are eager to seek opportunities to take part in wider school life. Pupils enjoy many clubs and trips."

"Sixth form students lead community events, such as the annual Tea Party for local elderly
residents. They also support younger pupils as reading buddies. They lead student groups such as the eco group and school council."

Moving Forward Together

All of this leaves us now in a great position as a school. The inspection team gave us lots of advice about how to improve things further, and we can now act on that guidance. They set us two targets. One about consistency of approach with teaching across the curriculum, especially in terms of how students learn and remember content. The second was to do with our Personal Development curriculum at Key Stage 4. We are looking forward to working in partnership with students and parents to make these further improvements.

Please click on the following link to read the 2023 OFSTED inspection report for Little Heath School.

You can also read the Headteacher's letter to parents and students below.

Previous Inspection Report

We think it is important that you share our journey as a school over the years, as we continue to be ambitious for our students and strive for further improvements. For this reason, we will continue to make earlier OFSTED reports available, as well as subject specific reports, as they are published. These reports are available for download below.

OFSTED reports are also available on the OFSTED website.