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Little Heath School Student is Brand Ambassador for Great Britain at the Invictus Games in Dusseldorf 2023

Amaani, a 17-year-old student in Year 13 at Little Heath School, has received the prestigious invitation to serve as a Brand Ambassador for Great Britain at the Invictus Games in Dusseldorf 2023. The Invictus Games, initiated in 2013, stemmed from Prince Harry's visit to the Warrior Games, a competition for wounded servicemen organised by the U.S. Department of Defense. Inspired by this visit, Prince Harry conceived the idea to host the inaugural Invictus Games in the United Kingdom—an international sporting event dedicated to wounded, injured, and sick service personnel.

In an interview between Amaani, and Little Heath School’s Marketing Department, we had the opportunity to speak with Amaani about her significant involvement in the forthcoming Invictus Games and the pivotal role she plays within this event. Already an active figure in the Reading community, where she holds the position of Deputy Chair in the Reading Youth Council, Amaani noticed an opening for a Brand Ambassador position. After a successful application, she was selected to represent this honorable role. Reading and Dusseldorf have maintained a sister city relationship for over 75 years, which adds depth to Amaani's connection to the event.

Amaani described her responsibilities as a Brand Ambassador, stating that she will be attending the Opening Ceremony, volunteering, and offering overall support to the Games. She expressed her enthusiasm for exploring the cultural and historical facts of Dusseldorf, especially its ties to Reading, as well as the opportunity to tour the Invictus Village—an environment designed to provide comfort and support for the participating athletes.

One of the signed yellow ribbons being taken to the games to show support to athletes from across the world. 

As a Brand Ambassador, Amaani has dedicated her recent summer holidays to actively promoting the Games. Her efforts included setting up stalls in Reading Town Centre, distributing merchandise, and encouraging individuals to support the athletes by signing yellow ribbons. At the beginning of this new academic year, she spoke with the Head Teacher of Little Heath School, Mr. Ramsden, in a bid to involve the school community in this inspiring endeavor. The yellow ribbons hold the purpose of conveying heartfelt support to random athletes from around the world, and have now been signed by a large majority of both students and staff from Little Heath School.

Amaani stands as one of the eight esteemed Brand Ambassadors from various corners of the world, including two from Reading, UK, two from Chemnitz, Germany, two from Toulouse, France, and two from Dusseldorf, Germany. Accompanying Amaani to Germany are her fellow British Brand Ambassador, the Mayor of Reading, Tony Page, and the dedicated athletes who will be participating in the Games.

Reflecting on her role, Amaani shared, “It would be great for people to show their support by watching the games. Hopefully by seeing the incredible strength shown by athletes from across the world, it will inspire people and show that you can really do anything, and be anyone, even when such unexpected things may occur”

Little Heath School takes immense pride in Amaani's achievements, especially her active involvement in the Reading Youth Council. We extend our heartfelt best wishes to Amaani, her fellow Brand Ambassadors, and most importantly, the athletes and all those contributing to the success of the Invictus Games in the weeks ahead.