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New Building Update

January 2019

In January 2019 we received news that we had secured funding for a new main school building to provide fantastic classroom facilities, an amazing library, an improved canteen with larger indoor and outdoor eating areas, a performance space with much needed tiered seating, flexible indoor fitness space, IT facilities, new Technology classrooms and workshops, a lovely reception area and improved outdoor areas.

March 2019

In March 2019, the contract was signed and work on our fantastic new building began. This is a very significant and exciting project for us, which is being made possible by almost £15 million of investment from the Department for Education to cover the cost of construction. The planned 'moving in' date is the end of 2020.

A Block and the old Sixth Form

The Circle

The building site in May 2019

Demolition of A Block in September 2019

Steels start to go up December 2019...1 year to go!

March 2020 - lockdown begins!

In March 2020, a year after the contract was signed and work started, we hit the coronavirus pandemic and the school goes into lockdown! To begin with, work on the site had to stop, but over time things started moving again and at some pace!! With no (or few) students on site, and no exams, it meant the build could continue more quickly than expected.

June 2020 - six months to go!

July 2020

 December 2020

December has arrived and we are so close to having the new building open. Plans are in place for equipment and supplies to be moved over February half term.


January 2021

 With yet another national lockdown, plans to move over February half term have sadly been delayed. All focus is now to move in later in the Spring this space! We're hoping to get a sneak peek of the inside very soon.

February 2021

We re now just weeks away from opening the doors to our brand new A Block. We are beyond excited to get settled in and start using some of the amazing new facilities. Here is a first glimpse of what it looks like on the inside...

Main Hall

Main Hall

Dining area

The serving area of the new canteen

ICT Classroom

English Classroom

March 2021

We are now officially moving in over the Easter to get packed!