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Paula Radcliffe's TWO-15 Challenge

Join schools across Berkshire to get active with Paula Radcliffe's TWO-15 Challenge this half term

In a nod to her former World Record Marathon time of 2 hours 15 (25 secs) Paula Radcliffe has challenged children and their families across Berkshire to complete a MINIMUM of 2 hours 15 minutes of exercise TOGETHER across the week of February half term.

  • Pick ANY type of PHYSICAL ACTIVITY and make sure that MORE THAN ONE family member joins in 
  • The activities should be recorded between Monday 15 - Monday 22 February 2021
  • Log your activity in whichever way you find the easiest, a simple watch or exercise apps (such as Strava/Apple Fitness/Fitbit), design a family activity chart or a simple pen and paper design will work – integrate it as fun project, with some basic maths thrown in to calculate the families’ progress
  • The physical activity duration reflects the TIME THE FAMILY UNIT (min of 2 people) takes to complete it, NOT a combined total. e.g., If 4 members of the family walk the dog for 30 mins, this is 30 MINS towards the family total, not 2 hours 
  • Use the ideas below for fun family activities to get you up to the 2 hours 15 minutes
  • Please adhere to the current government COVID-19 guidelines regarding exercising and social distancing
  • Once the magical target of 2 hours 15 minutes of activity has been completed you’ve achieved PAULA’S CHALLENGE – WELL DONE but don’t stop there, keep going and top up the total as much as possible!
  • Please share your family activities with us on social, @berkshiregames and @familiesontrac1 on Twitter, @familiesontrack on Instagram.
  • The more unique and diverse the better!
  • Submit your total time to school using this online form, no later than Monday 22 February 2021 - you can only submit one entry per family for your total time across the half term period
  • All the family walk the dog
  • Wheel, run, walk, or scoot to the park for a game of family rounders
  • A simple jog or alternate run/walk between lampposts with another family member
  • Put some of the family’s favourite music on and have a kitchen disco for 20 minutes
  • Relay shuttle runs around the garden
  • A family fun circuit in the house or garden, include easy simple exercises that require no equipment – sit ups, press ups, star jumps, squats, running on the spot, plank. 30 seconds on 30 seconds off. Alternate exercises with a family member
  • Design and make a safe obstacle course inside or outside the house and time each family member taking part

All schools who take part will receive a Paula’s TWO-15 challenge Digital Participation Certificate signed by Paula. Schools with the highest percentage of families taking part will receive a special edition digital
Paula Radcliffe Spirit of the Games Award. The winning schools (Special, Primary and Secondary) will be determined by the one who has the greatest engagement from pupils and their families. The winning schools will receive a unique VIRTUAL visit from Paula during the next term of school!