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Careers advice

During students time in the Sixth Form it is inevitable that careers advice will be needed at some point - whether you know exactly what your chosen path will be or if you have no idea what you want to do when you finish your course or where to start looking for help.

The Careers Library is downstairs in the Science block next to C5 and Mrs Wooller, who runs the Careers Service at Little Heath School, is on hand everyday to answer queries, show you where to look for essential information and and give you access to prospectuses for local colleges, universities and apprenticeships.

We also have a dedicated Adviza Consultant who visits Little Heath School weekly and is available for individual appointments. They have a wealth of experience in advising and guiding young people in their future careers. If you would like an appointment then please come and see Mrs Wooller or drop her an email.

If you would like any advice or could offer any help to us as a school please contact Mrs Wooller at

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