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"At Little Heath School, we believe that everyone matters. Young people only get one chance at education and we believe that it should be an outstanding one, tailored to their personal needs."

Mr David Ramsden, Headteacher

As an educational community, we are extremely proud of our school, and the positive reputation it has locally.  Although we pride ourselves on our modern and innovative approaches to teaching and learning, we recognise that “old-fashioned” values of respect, politeness, honesty and integrity are just as important today as they were in the past.

Much of our work at the school is centred on a long-standing tradition of high academic standards. We want to ensure that students leave Little Heath School with the skills, knowledge and personal characteristics that will serve them well in the next stage of their learning, whether in employment, at college or at university. We know that they will need a strong academic record in terms of qualifications, but we are also proud to see them move on from school as rounded and grounded individuals able to succeed on whatever path they choose.

School Values & Ethos

Students are encouraged to aim high in order to achieve success. Through a shared partnership between teachers, students and parents, we can help young people to improve their life chances and to progress successfully in their chosen careers or educational pathways. We want all our students to become confident and well balanced citizens, prepared for life in the twenty-first century. In short, we want all children to fulfil their potential at Little Heath School.

This ambitious vision is under-pinned by the following educational principles:

  • we believe that young people are capable of achieving great things, and that they deserve to be inspired by their education;
  • we raise achievement in partnership with students and their parents;
  • we lead by example as members of a learning community, promoting the principle of learning for life;
  • we value a curriculum which fosters an enjoyment in learning, one that challenges and supports all students equally so that they make outstanding progress;
  • we want all of our students to be safe and to enjoy their education;
  • we believe that the views of students are important and we listen to them carefully;
  • we expect everyone, as part of the school community, to be ready to learn and prepared to take responsibility for their own learning.

At Little Heath School we are ambitious for all students – there is a commitment to excellence at the school that means we refuse to be complacent, constantly striving for more effective and innovative ways to stretch and challenge young people so that they can succeed. We want Little Heath to be a school where every parent can be confident that their child will be happy, supported and successful.

Our online prospectus is also available to view if you would like more information, please click here.