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Little Heath School is a school with traditional values, and a smart uniform is part of that traditional ethos.

All students are expected to wear:

  • A white Little Heath School logo polo shirt
  • A black Little Heath School logo jumper
  • All students must wear specified black tailored school trousers as supplied by our retailers. These are identified on our uniform code document. Parents may choose which supplier to use, but no other styles are acceptable.
  • Girls must wear either specified black tailored school trousers or a specified black school skirt from one of our retailers.
  • Students must wear polishable school shoes. Leather trainers and canvas style shoes (for example, Vans, Converse) will no longer be acceptable as they are not appropriate for school, particularly in wet weather.

Please find below a list of suppliers who stock the Little Heath School uniform:



11-12 Market Place

Reading RG1 2EG

T: 0118 959 6462

Drop Waist Knife Pleat skirt (black)

Tilehurst Schoolwear

20 Hildens Drive

Tilehurst RG31 5HU

T: 0118 327 1060

Charleston Pleated skirt (black)

Marks and Spencer

(non logo items only)

Permanent Pleat skirt (with Triple action Stormwear) Girls’ 2 pack (black)


Our suppliers have been able to stock trousers for boys and girls that are of the same style, to provide choice for parents.





Belted school trousers (black)

Senior school trousers (black)

Tilehurst Schoolwear

Pembroke/ Falmouth school trousers (black)

Lingfield school trousers (black)

Marks and Spencer

(non logo items only)

Supercrease Pleat front trousers (stain resistant with Stormwear) (black)

No trousers currently suitable as LITTLE HEATH SCHOOL uniform