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Strike Action - Wednesday 15 March and Thursday 16 March 2023

School plans for the strike action taking place on Wednesday 15 March and Thursday 16 March 2023

As you are aware, further strike action has been planned for Wednesday 15th and Thursday 16th March, next week.

Our current plan is that Little Heath School will remain partially open on that day. It will not be possible to keep the school fully open due to the number of staff members taking strike action.

Arrangements for 15th and 16th March


Year 12 and Year 13

    • Sixth Form students should attend school for normal lessons. This will be a taught lesson if their teacher is in school, or supported self-study sessions where their teacher is taking strike action.
    • Lunch will be available in Café 6 for both of these year groups.


Year 10 and 11

  • Year 10 and 11 students will be timetabled for intervention sessions in subjects where they can receive extra support. Not every student will be in school, and these will be for different periods of the day, according to the timetabling of different intervention groups.
  • A schedule for these sessions will be sent out on Tuesday next week. We apologise for the short notice on this, but we want to be clearer on exactly which subjects can offer intervention sessions before we send this information home.
  • Please note that these sessions are not optional, and students should attend for their timetabled classes.
  • When not timetabled to be in school, Year 11 should continue with independent revision for their upcoming exams, following guidance from teachers on SatchelOne.
  • When not timetabled to be in school, Year 10 should follow the instructions that will be sent home on Tuesday evening and also shared on Satchel One (as per the instructions below for Year 7-9).


Year 7-9

    • All other Year groups from Year 7 to 9 will be provided with work on Satchel One. They should follow a timetable of lessons for five hours of different subjects on both days. This schedule will be given to students and parents next week.


Although these plans have been drawn up carefully, it is possible that the situation could change next week, so we will update parents on Tuesday with our final plans. We thought it was best to give you as much notice as possible of our intentions.

We recognise that the strike action may cause potential disruption to you and your child and therefore may be frustrating. We ask that all members of our school community treat each other with respect.


David Ramsden