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Behaviour for Learning

Every student has the right to learn in a positive learning environment where they are encouraged, supported and stretched to do their best. This means that at Little Heath School we have high expectations for attitudes to learning, progress and behaviour. We have developed the ‘LHS Behaviour for Learning Strategy’; we explicitly teach the behaviour we want to see in our school and community, providing a learning environment that is stimulating and challenging, whilst being safe and caring. We also want to support students to take responsibility and ownership of their learning and of their behaviour.

All staff use 'Ready to Learn' language to ensure consistency across the school and students are aware that positive behaviour for learning is expected in every classroom. 

For more information on our Behaviour policy, please visit our Policies page.

Home School Agreement

We firmly believe that the success of our students depends on an effective partnership of our staff, students and parents. All three parties share responsibility for the development and achievement of each pupil. To this end we ask all staff, students and parents to ‘sign’ up to the agreement to work together. For details of the Home School Agreement, click here.

Behaviour Diamond

Below is the framework used by all staff to encourage positive behaviour for learning: