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Sixth Form Attendance

In Sixth Form, at Little Heath School, we firmly believe good attendance and arriving on time are crucial factors in students achieving their full potential, staying safe and getting the most out of the whole school experience.  There is a clear link between high attendance and high academic achievement, therefore absence, for any reason, has a negative effect on learning. Attendance is the responsibility of every stakeholder at Little Heath School: it is in everyone’s interests and it is everyone’s business. In Sixth Form, we believe that continued positive and consistent communication between home and school is central to improving and maintaining high levels of attendance. When joining Sixth Form at Little Heath School students receive a copy of our home school agreement which they are expected to read and sign to show their agreement when joining our Sixth Form.


We expect Sixth Formers at Little Heath School to attend school regularly, on time and be prepared for a day of learning. We set all Sixth Form students a minimum target level of 96%, in line with other students across the school. We make attendance and punctuality a priority for students, parents, teachers and governors and have developed a systematic approach with clearly defined roles and responsibilities. This promotes consistency in carrying out designated tasks relating to attendance.

Students with consistently high and improved attendance receive praise and rewards in line with our current praise strategy. Sixth Form attendance is monitored and reviewed by the Sixth Form; students who are identified as needing support to improve their attendance are placed on our ‘Steps to Success’ scheme, as detailed in appendix 1.

An attendance rate of 90% is the equivalent to missing half a day of school per week or one full day per fortnight. Research proves there is a strong negative link between absence and attainment. The diagram illustrates the impact that missing school during the academic year can have on academic achievement:

The impact of Attendance


The information below applies to all students in Sixth Form, unless Home study has been awarded.

Punctuality is a very important part of time management and self-discipline. It is the responsibility of students and parents to ensure they arrive to school on time. Where students use public transport to get to school, they must ensure they catch a bus that allows them to be in registration for 8.50am.

If a student regularly arrives late to school, their learning begins to suffer. It is the responsibility of each student to ensure they are in the correct classroom at the right time.  Being late to school every day over a school year soon adds up and understandably has a negative impact on learning. At Little Heath we believe that arriving to lessons punctually helps create a positive environment for learning and shows that our students are ‘Ready to Learn.’

Being late adds up


Absence due to Illness must be reported on a daily basis on the student absence line 0118 9427337 option 1, unless you know your child is going to absent for more than one day then please state the day of return.

Holidays should not be taken in term time and leave of absence will only be granted in exceptional circumstances. An absence form should be completed at least 3 weeks before the absence is taken. A copy of the form can be downloaded below or a hard copy can be obtained from main reception.

Appointments during the school day

Dental and medical appointments should, wherever possible, be made outside of school hours. Students should complete a ‘Signing Out Form’ from Sixth Form reception and hand it to the Sixth Form Study Manager at least 24 hours in advance of the date of absence. Students may be asked to provide evidence of the appointment.

When the time arrives for the student to leave school, they should tap out at Sixth Form or Main Reception and then tap back in again when they return.

Home Study

Year 12 students can apply for Home Study to begin at the beginning of Term 3, after an initial transition period. If they meet certain criteria relating to attendance, punctuality, engagement with learning and recently recorded grades, they can submit a request to study at home for six periods across a fortnight. If successful, they must tap in and out whenever they enter or leave the school site.

Year 13 students can apply for Home Study during Term 1. If they meet certain criteria relating to attendance, punctuality, engagement with learning and recently recorded grades, they can submit a request to study at home for eight periods across a fortnight. If successful, they must tap in and out whenever they enter or leave the school site.

Signing In and Out

Students must make sure they ‘tap in’ with their identity card each time they arrive or leave the school throughout the school day. If students are repeatedly not tapping in or out, it will be viewed as a disciplinary matter. They will receive sanctions in line with the school behaviour policy. 

Students at Little Heath Sixth Form are expected to be in school all day from 8.50am – 3.25pm, unless home study has been granted (parents/carers are informed if their child has been granted home study). One of the privileges of our Sixth Form Students is students being allowed to leave school at lunch time. They must tap their identity card to sign out and back in again and ensure they return promptly at 2.05pm for afternoon registration. If students regularly return late from break or lunchtime, they will lose this privilege.

To read the full Sixth Form procedure for attendance, punctuality and absence, please download the document below.