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Key Stage 4 curriculum

The Key Stage 4 curriculum consists of core and optional subjects studied in Years 9, 10 and 11. Extending and challenging students to do their best, and to stretch themselves, continues to be at the heart of the work we do as a learning community at Little Heath School. As students mature and enter Key Stages 4 and 5, the curriculum offer becomes more varied and personalised. Students are able to select courses that suit their aspirations and future career choices. At Little Heath School we will make every attempt to match students with courses that reflect their interests, abilities, aptitudes and talents.

If you need more information on the curriculum, please refer to the Subject Curriculum page where you can find detailed information on each subject, by year. If you have any further questions, you may also wish to contact the Head of Department or the visit the exam board website (see below).

The Key Stage 4 Secretary, Ms Perry, can be contacted for any query concerning KS4 by emailing

KS4 Course List (2023/24)

  • Art & Design GCSE (AQA)
  • Business Studies GCSE (Edexcel)
  • OCR Cambridge National in Enterprise and Marketing (OCR)
  • Computer Science GCSE (OCR)
  • OCR Cambridge National in Creative iMedia (OCR)
  • OCR Cambridge National in Child Development (OCR)
  • Design & Technology: Food Preparation and Nutrition GCSE (Edexcel)
  • Design & Technology: Resistent Materials – Timber GCSE (Edexcel)
  • Design & Technology: Art & Design – Textiles GCSE (AQA)
  • Level 1/2 Hospitality and Catering (WJEC)
  • Drama GCSE (OCR)
  • English Language GCSE (AQA)
  • English Literature GCSE (AQA)
  • Geography A GCSE (Edexcel)
  • History GCSE (Edexcel)
  • Languages: French GCSE (AQA)
  • Languages: German GCSE (AQA)
  • Languages: Spanish GCSE (AQA)
  • Mathematics GCSE (AQA)
  • Music GCSE (OCR)
  • Physical Education GCSE (OCR)
  • NCFE Health and Fitness Level 1/2 (Years 10 and 11) Sports Studies Cambridge National (Year 8)
  • Religious Studies GCSE (Edexcel B)
  • Science: Trilogy GCSE (AQA)
  • Science: Biology GCSE (AQA)
  • Science: Chemistry GCSE (AQA)
  • Science: Physics GCSE (AQA)

Exam board websites

There are 50 one-hour teaching periods in our timetable, which runs over two weeks (10 school days). A total of 30 periods will be taken by the core subjects (the subjects that are compulsory for all students):

Subject Hours each fortnight
English 7 hours
Mathematics 7 hours
Science 7 hours
Religious Studies 4 hours
Physical Education / Games 3 hours
Personal Development (PSHE) 2 hours




The remainder of the subjects will be chosen as ‘options’. We have put a framework in place to ensure that all students opt for subjects that will enable them to study a broad and balanced curriculum, which also reflects their own personal interests, abilities, aptitudes and talents. This will leave them with lots of opportunities open to them when they leave school.

You can read more information about the Year 8 Options process here.

The Subject curriculum documents here provide an overview of the curriculum across the school year for all Key Stage 4 year groups. 

KS4 Personal Development Schedule 

Here is an outline of the work schedule the students will be completing in Personal Development lessons and tutor time. If you have any questions or concerns please contact our Personal Development Leader, Ms Burrows. In addition, further information on our school RSE policy can be found here.

9 PD lessons Careers Drugs, peer influence, county lines Respectful relationships             Mental Health Intimate Relationships IT skills

9 Tutor work Welcome to KS4                  PIXL Build Up - Prepare Me       Globalisation Sport in mind - physical and mental health PIXL Build Up - Being innovative PIXL Build Up - Connect Me

PD lessons (delivered through selected RE lessons)


Abusive relationship, honour-based violence.

Extremism and belonging
10 Tutor work PIXL Build Up - Build Me Sport in Mind - physical and mental health Rule of Law: how laws formed, sentencing + justice debates Emotional literacy Revision Techniques and dealing with exam stress Human rights
11 PD lessons (delivered through selected RE lessons) Abortion (Matters of Life and Death unit of work)          
11 Tutor work Writing a CV and Preparing for Interview Sport in Mind - physical and mental health PIXL build up: organise me Revision Techniques and dealing with exam stress Revision time