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Year 9 & Year 11 Parent Information Evening

Please find the presentations below from the sessions at our Year 9 and Year 11 Information Evening on 26 September 2023.

A timeline for the year ahead, along with key guidance and support to help you and your child navigate this hugely important year in your child’s life. We also introduce key members of staff, and signpost avenues of support or information that you or your child might access throughout the year ahead.

Does your child know how to actually revise properly? We show you a range of strategies that you can use to help your child make sure they are revising in an effective manner for their GCSEs.

There are so many online revision platforms available, and this presentation will help you to know which ones your child should be using. We will also cover important organisational challenges for the year ahead, including writing (and sticking to) revision timetables.

If your child is finding school tough, or they are particularly nervous about upcoming exams, then this presentation will explore practical advice about how you can support them through a hugely important stage of their life.

The presentation by the English department will tell you everything you need to know about the English GCSE course at Little Heath, including what you can do to support your child, and where to find important materials.

Is your child doing a subject with GCSE coursework? Do you know how much the coursework is worth? Do you want to support your child to take advantage of the marks available to them that can take the pressure off the final exams? Read this presentation.

If you’re not clear what 9-1 means, or what Gold, Silver and Targets are, or how you can use your child’ targets to push them to success, then have a look at this presentation.

Is your child unsure what they want to do next year? If you want to know more about the different routes on offer, including apprenticeships, college courses and our own sixth form, then Mr Jessop will guide you through everything you need in this presentation.